Does crypto emp hurt teammates

does crypto emp hurt teammates

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#shorts CRYPTO EMP vs ENTIRE LOBBY AT ONCE (Apex Legends)
Crypto's EMP will immediately destroy Gibraltar's dome, Wattson's fences and pylons, Caustic's gas traps, Mirage's decoys, Lifeline's drone. Many people do not like playing with crypto because he stuns his teammates. These teammates often complain that the stun threw off their performance resulting. While the EMP is obviously a very powerful option, it must be used with some degree of caution because it can also affect your teammates as well.
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Night Gig Level Crypto Guide - Apex Legends An ideal pick for those looking to support their squad with an eye in the sky. Streets of Suotamo Level October 12, Patch Drone EMP : Fixed issue with being unable to use weapons for some time when this ability is triggered while not in drone mode.